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Contribute to
Friends of Justin Nickels

Trusted, Proven Leadership 

Contribution Rules

  1. The maximum contribution per individual is: $680.00 

  2. You are at least 18 years old 

  3. This contribution is made from your personal funds and funds are not being provided to you by another person or entity

  4. You are making this contribution with your personal credit card and not a corporate or business card, or a card issued to another person

  5. You are a U.S. citizen or lawfully admitted permanent resident (ex: green card holder)

  6. Campaign contributions are not tax deductible 

  7. Any contribution over $10 is required to be reported to the State Elections Commission. All contributions under $10 may remain anonymous  

Checks can be made out to:
Friends of Justin Nickels

816A S. 8th Street 
Manitowoc, WI 54220

Contribute safely via Venmo: @mantymayor

Contribute safely here via PayPal:

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