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Continued Fiscal Responsibility

Consistent Leadership!

I promise to continue being fiscally responsible with your tax dollar. This means you will continue to see our debt reduced, our budget balanced, and wise investments for future tax growth in the city. 

We have successfully done this for 12 years and I promise to continue it for the next 4 years! 

Trusted, Consistent Leadership! 

Continued Investment Downtown

Where all the lights are bright! 

My goal is to continue on the positive enthusiasm we have seen in downtown the past few years. Continued investments into facade grants, streetscape improvements, and housing will be the top priorities. We need people to want to live, work, play, and learn downtown. We are getting close, but we cannot lose sight of what downtown can (and will!) become! Downtown is where our city began over 150 years ago. It was the "Great Spirit" of Lake Michigan and the Manitowoc River that determined where this community came to life; that same spirit is still at work, inspiring a new era of livability and productivity in Downtown Manitowoc! 

When I recommended a Downtown Master Plan Study in 2017 it was met with some resistance. Why do we need another plan that will just sit on a shelf? The City Council eventually voted 9-1 that budget year (Alderman Chris Able voting no) to adopt that budget and move forward with the Downtown Master Plan. We involved the community in the creation of that plan and today it is our guide to everything you see! 

The Vision Statement from that plan states it perfect:

"Manitowoc's Downtown is the best urban place in Northeast Wisconsin to experience Lake Michigan. For downtown residents, workers, and visitors, it provides unmatched quality of life with a vibrant confluence of unique shops, restaurants, culture, and nature. The result is a highly livable and energized environment that embraces the beauty and vitality of the Manitowoc River and Lake Michigan." 

We need to increase the amount of living options downtown. This means support for more apartments and renovating 2nd floors of businesses. We need to support our small businesses downtown. 

We need to "spruce up" some park areas to encourage more events. 

We need to invest in the River Point District (old CN Peninsula) as an addition to downtown to grow the commercial and residential sectors. 

Trusted, Consistent Leadership!


Continued Investment in Roads


$20 Million in road construction over the next 4 years

We need to keep up on our regular road repairs. We have done a great job of hitting main roads (Waldo, Dewey, S. 10th and coming in 2021 Custer Street). We have the budget in a good place to put real dollars into road work over the next 4 years, to the tune of $20 million dollars. I promise to make road repairs a priority in future budgets!

We will also work as aggressively as we can with state representatives to get Washington Street reconstruction higher on their priority list, but I need your help. I need you to also reach out to your state representatives to urge them to work harder and faster on Washington Street's reconstruction timeline. 

Trusted, Consistent Leadership!

Diversity and Inclusion

Ensuring Manitowoc is HOME to all! 

This past year brought issues of diversity and inclusion front and center in our nation, as well as right here in Manitowoc. We are a hardworking and proud community. We also believe in fairness. But there is always work to be done. I am very encouraged by the groups and individuals striving to make our community stronger and more effective in regard to communication, equality, and mutual respect. I will continue to work with these citizens on how we can make Manitowoc the "best place to call home" possible for ALL our citizens. 

One of the greatest pieces of advice ever given to me was from former Appleton Mayor Tim Hanna: "If you want to see what your community will look like in 20 years, just look at your elementary schools." The demographics of Manitowoc are changing, for the good! 

One first step I will take is to change our Mission Statement to once again include diversity and inclusion as a top priority for all our decisions as a city.


Another immediate step I will take is to bring back the Diversity Committee that was disbanded a few years ago. The city needs to be a leader in these discussions and a committee of individuals with diverse and important backgrounds needs to be giving advice to the City Council and Mayor for future decisions. By creating an official city committee we can do that. 

Trusted,  Consistent Leadership!


The Next 4 Years

Trusted, Proven Leadership 

Continue the 22-Point Plan

More to Accomplish! 

I believe there are areas of the city we need to continue to focus on and start prioritizing more, specifically:

  • Downtown

    • Investments in:​

      • Facade Grants​

      • Streetscape Improvements 

      • Parking 

      • Apartments (TIF) 

  • Industrial Park

    • TIF Investments in:​

      • Business growth and expansion ​

      • Hecker/Viebahn 90 acres recently acquired 

  • Mid-City Mall Site

  • Mirro Site (Boys and Girls Club) 

  • Marina/Harbor/Coal Pile

    • Continued support for the S.S. Badger Carferry ​

  • The Manitowoc River (federal port)

  • Calumet Avenue / Washington Street Corridor 

  • Parks 

This 22-Point Plan is a guide to show where my priorities will be over the next few years. I believe if we focus on these areas and invest in these areas, we will see continued growth and excitement in our community! 

Trusted,  Consistent Leadership!

And as always, I promise to continue to listen first and act second. I will continue to listen to your wants and needs, and what you feel is best for our community. 
Reach out to me here if you have further suggestions of what should be priorities for the next 4 years!

Thank you! I will be in contact with you within 24 hours!

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